Our Mission

To guide young men to own their greatness!


What we do:

Kut Different (KD) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to school & community-based male mentorship/student support & youth development. KD creates a school-to-career pipeline with exposure to positive role models. 

In our communities it is evidenced that the lack of education, motivation, and love can lead down a path of destruction. Our belief is that if we can reach young men and the community by giving G.A.M.E (Guidance, Attention, Motivation, Education) it will change the mindset of many individuals.

Core Values


  • Leadership: The will to excel with integrity and the spirit that nothing is impossible.
  • Self-Discovery: Expanding knowledge by exposure.
  • Brotherhood: Building a brotherhood to inspire a spirit of unity.
  • Accountability: We are responsible for making our community better through our actions, our words, and our dealings with others.
  • Student Growth: Committed to the personal and intellectual development of all students.
  • Respect: Respect moves us to understand the gifts and unique contributions of every person.
  • Service: To use our gifts, talents, and abilities to advance the genuine well-being of our community and those we encounter.

Exposure Leads to Access

Most underserved youth are not exposed to the world beyond their neighborhoods and schools. They begin to formulate their image, behavior, thoughts and ideas from what their surroundings have to offer. We believe that positive exposure is what empowers young men to discover and own their greatness!

We deliver one of a kind life changing experience that expose young men to careers in many industries and open their eyes and minds to new possibilities for their future. These experiences will help them to change the mindset that was developed from a variety of social, economic, and familiar factors.

We believe that exposure to new experiences is how you empower youth to grow hope in their future, pursue active roles in society, and stay true to their dreams and themselves.


Our school is at Title 1 school with demographics that are majority African American students. The leadership team needed a male influence to mentor our boys. Mr. Gilmore and his team made a major difference. We piloted this venture with 5th grade boys. Weekly Mr. Gilmore faithfully met with the boys for lunch. Immediately we began to see change in our boys. Mr. Gilmore trained them in etiquette and other areas that they could only learn from a man; especially a man they can relate to on many levels. We are grateful for the work they have done and we wish to have them back next school year.

Kim Nisbett
Oakcrest Elementary

I can’t say how much I appreciate Jamie and his organization for supporting the young men of Anthony Elementary this year! He has shown up like clockwork each week to mentor a group of boys that crave the insight and advice that only he has been able to provide. These young men have gone from attendance and discipline issues to student leaders over the course of this year. These guys aren’t just talking the talk, they are walking the walk in our community. They are in our schools really working with our neediest students, and therefore truly having an impact on our future. Thank you for all you do KutDifferent!

J. Matt Johnson
Anthony Elementary

We appreciate all collaboration with our positive behavior support system and interventions in character development, along with mentoring opportunities provided by Kut Different. Our students impacted by the program are well on their way to making better choices not only at school, but in life. When they follow The Big 3 (Do Your Best, Do What’s Right, and Treat Others The Way You Want to be Treated) in all arenas and everyone is talking the same language, we set students up for success!

Melissa Forsyth
Liberty Middle School--Marion County Public Schools

Kut Different has provided a great influence for our male students. The students involved have benefited from mentorship, a listening ear, and a positive male role model.

Sarah Dobbs
Oakcrest elementary

Kut Different mentored our students on their academic, behavioral, and social/emotional journey. They empowered them to become autonomous learners and agents of their own change. Kut Different understood our students’ aspirations and fears, and supported their success by acting as an advocate for their best interests. They strived on building reliable and routine relationships with our students which made them feel physically and emotionally safe. I truly believe, “When mentors are well-selected, well-trained and given the time to work intensively with student’s, they not only help average students become good, but good students become great.” That’s why this organization is “KUT DIFFERENT”

Tierwanda Bright
Oakcrest Elementary, School Counselor

“It is easier to build strong boys than to repair broken men.”
- Frederick Douglass